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JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited

JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited
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Double Sided PCB Fr4 Tg170 12 OZ Heavy Copper PCB

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3 Days
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Product Attributes


Supply Ability & Additional Informations

VerpakungVacuum Anti-Static Carton Packaging

Produktivität40000 Square Meters / Month


Ort Von ZukunftChina

Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit40000 Square Meters / Month

Zertifikate ISO9001


ZahlungsartL/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union


Lieferzeit3 Tage

Packaging & Delivery
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Package Type:
Vacuum Anti-Static Carton Packaging

Double Sided PCB Fr4 Tg170 12 OZ Heavy Copper PCB

Keyword Tags: Double Layer PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, Thick Copper PCB, Fr4 Tg170 PCB

Product parameters and technical details

  • Material: FR4 Tg170
  • Board thickness: 3.5mm
  • outer layer of Copper thickness: 105um
  • Inner layer of Copper thickness: 105um
  • Minimum aperture: 0.5mm
  • Surface treatment: Immersion gold
Double Sided Heavy Copper PCB

Thick copper PCB is a layer of copper foil bonded to the printed circuit board's glass epoxy substrate. When the copper thickness is ≥2oz, it is defined as a thick copper PCB or Heavy Copper PCB.

The properties of thick copper PCB: The thick copper PCB has the best elongation, is not limited by the processing temperature, the high melting point can be used oxygen blowing, low temperature is not brittle, and other hot-melt welding methods, and also fire, belongs to non-combustible materials. Thick copper PCBs form a robust and non-toxic passivation coating even in extremely corrosive environments.

Advantages of thick copper PCB: Thick copper PCB is widely used in various home appliances, high-tech products, military, medical, and other electronic equipment. The thick copper PCB application makes the circuit board, the core component of electronic equipment products, have a longer service life. At the same time, it is of great help to simplify the volume of electronic equipment.

In PCB prototype manufacturing, a thick copper plate is a unique process, with specific technical threshold and operation difficulty, the cost is also relatively expensive. Some PCB prototype manufacturers do not want to do it or rarely do it. JHYPCB is a global PCB prototyping services, small and medium volume PCB manufacturing enterprise, dedicated to solving PCB prototyping enterprises for the rugged plate, precision PCB. The special PCB is processing pain points, providing customers with unique laminated thick copper, multi-layer structure, plating nickel/gold finger, special-shaped hole, charged with deep grooves, such as unusual process PCB prototypes, the delivery speed is faster than ordinary factory must be at least a third of the time. At present, in the prototype manufacturing of PCB for this process, JHYPCB can achieve 2~6 layers (more than 6 layers, which need to be reviewed). Maximum copper thickness 10oz; Minimum through-hole 0.4~0.6mm. Welcome the general customers' inquiry.

As The Best Multilayer Heavy Copper PCB + PCBA Manufacturer in China, We Are Your Best Choice.

Custom Quote Requipment

To ensure an accurate quote, be sure to include the following information for your project:

  1. Complete GERBER files including the BOM list
  2. Other file types (Altium, Protel, Or CAD)
  3. "Read Me" notes for additional fabrication information
  4. Quantities
  5. Turn time
  6. Panelization Requirements
  7. Materials Requirements
  8. Finish requirements

Inquiry Notes

As is known, PCB and PCBA is a customized product, so the details, please contact us and a quotation will be offered.
Please send us PCB files in gerber files, ".pcbdoc", ".lay", ".lay6" or ".brd", "CAM350 RS274X", "Protel 99SE", "P-CAD 2001 PCB", etc. For the PCBA quotation, the BOM list in the format of "xls" is also needed.

Your custom quote will be delivered in just 2-24 hours, depending on the design complexity.

We can support your research and development efforts and meet your fast life cycles. We have set a separate department where the exclusive production planner will follow your orders' production to meet the requirements of Rapid PCB Prototyping and Quick Turn PCB.

1) We do PCB from double side up to 30-layer Multilayer PCB, HDI jobs.
2) If you have repeat orders from other suppliers and transfer to JHYPCB, we can accept FREE OF TOOLING.
3) Except for excellent quality and professional service, we also pay every detail for our customers, for example, package to use Desiccant packs & moisture indicator in the vacuum-sealed pack to protect PCB.
4) Material: We have FR4 TG135/TG158/TG180 normal material in stock, also have FR1/ FR2/ FR3/ CEM1/ CEM3/ ROGERS/ ARLON/ ISOLA.
5) Rigid / flex/ flex-rigid PCBs with UL approved.
6) Flexible, quick feedback for customers always.
7) Quickly offer will be less than 2 hours. Some top urgent inquiries we can offer within 1hour.

We provide one-stop PCB/PCBA customization services. To meet all of customer's PCB/PCBA requirement is JingHongYi PCB service's goal.

1. To offer good quality PCB/PCBA to our customer, we will do many kind of testing to ensure quality before shipment
2. Outgoing test to check min PTH Cu thickness, Min surface Cu thickness, ENIG Au data,Ni data, Au layer adhesion testing, soldermask adhesion testing, silkscreen adhesion testing, Thermal stress testing, hardness testing, Twist testing, Bow testing
3. Microsection testing to check hole Cu thickness, Surface Copper thickness, Wrap copper thickness, Hole Wall Integrity, soldermask thickness and stack up.
4. E-test to check any open/short circuit.
5. Thermal Stress Test to avoid any Delamination, Measling and others.
6. Solderability of PTH to avoid any discolor, Wrinkles, Blisters, Measling, Blow-Hole, Solermask peel off, and soldermask filled in hole-wall incompletely.

JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited - Quick Turn PCB Prototype and Tricky PCB Expert.

Professional and Quick Turn High-quality PCB Manufacturer in China.
Offers One-stop PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services, Including PCB Fabrication, Electronic Components Procurement, Stencil, and Assembly.

Jinghongyi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer of high-quality PCB. JHY PCB specializes in Quick Turn PCB prototypes, small-medium volume PCB. Established in 2011, located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, China, with more than 500 experienced employees, we're able to achieve a monthly output of 40000 square meters.

PCB Manufacturing Services

As one of the leading Printed Circuit Board manufacturers based in China, JHYPCB has been offering international companies of all sizes with high-quality PCB prototype to production services at a fair price for 8 years. To make professional and advanced circuit boards, we're committed to adhering to the strictest standards during the PCB manufacturing process, we're fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

- Save money&time! Achieve peace of mind!
- A professional and trustworthy PCB Prototype manufacturer.
- Fastest PCB Prototype.
- One-stop solution for various PCB& SMT Stencil.
- Low cost for simple PCB.
- Affordable price for high-tech PCB.
- Minimum orders 1pcs.
- 24-hour online customer service.
- Professional PCB engineer for one-to-one service.
- Shipment on time.
- Guarantee good service and quality from PCB quotation to delivery.

PCB Assembly Services

To deliver true value and convenience to our PCB fabrication clients, we expand our business to components sourcing and turnkey PCB assembly services ranging from the prototype, low-to-middle volume to high volume up to 1 million pcs. We can mount components on circuit boards using surface mount technology (SMT), through-hole technology (THT), and manual insertion:

- High-quality assembly services with short lead times
- No minimum order
- No additional charge for stencils
- Free DFM Check
- 100% AOI test and X-Ray test for BGAs package

- Function tests & IC programming based on custom requirements

One-stop Service Include

PCB Prototype Quick Turn PCB Single-Sided PCB
Double-Sided PCB Multilayer PCB Rigid PCB
Flexible PCB Rigid-Flex PCB LED PCB
Aluminum PCB Metal Core PCB Thick Copper PCB
PCB Stencil Impedance Control PCB PCB Assembly
High-Frequency PCB Bluetooth Circuit Board Automotive PCB
USB Circuit Board Halogen-Free PCB Antenna PCB

PCB Factory and Workshop

Advanced Production PCB Manufacturing Equipment and Workshop

PCB Factory and Workshop

PCB Assembly (PCBA) Equipment

PCBA Equipment

Lead Time - Quick Turn and Fast Delivery

Lead Time - Quick Turn and Fast Delivery

Why Choose us

One-stop solution: PCB Prototype, PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly


UL, TS16949, ISO-9001, and RoHS Compliance.

Excellent Suppliers - SM ink, CCL, Chemical

Excellent Suppliers - SM ink, CCL, Chemical

Package and Shipping

Package and Shipping

Contact us - PCB Manufacturer in China

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