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JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited

2 Layer PTFE Material High Frequency Antenna PCB

Payment Type:
L/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
Min. Order:
1 Piece/Pieces
Delivery Time:
3 Days
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Product Attributes


Supply Ability & Additional Informations

VerpakungVacuum Anti-Static Carton Packaging

Produktivität40000 Square Meters / Month


Ort Von ZukunftChina

Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit40000 Square Meters / Month

Zertifikate ISO9001


ZahlungsartL/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union


Lieferzeit3 Tage

Verpackung & Lieferung
Vacuum Anti-Static Carton Packaging

2 Layer PTFE Material High Frequency Antenna PCB

Keyword Tags: Double Layer PCB, High Frequency PCB, Teflon Printed Circuit Board, Teflon PTFE PCB, Teflon Material PCB, Teflon Laminate PCB

Product parameters and technical details

  • Layers: 2
  • Thickness: 1.6±0.1mm
  • Material: Poly Tetra Fluoroethylene(PTFE)
  • Dielectric constant: 2.65±0.05
  • Dielectric loss factor: 0.005
  • Surface treatment: Immersion Silver
  • Process features: Poly Tetra Fluoroethylene High Frequency Material
  • Applications: communication base station, repeater, GPS antenna, power amplifier, signal amplifier, filter, coupler, attenuator, power divider, 3DB bridge, etc

High-frequency PCB processing instructions:

1. High-frequency PCB materials commonly used by our company include ROGERS, TACONIC series, high-frequency microwave PTFE and Teflon
2. The commonly used inventory is Rogers 4000 series: RO4350B/RO4003C
3. All HIGH frequency PCB laminates can be mixed with FR4 sheet and PP

I. Rogers high-frequency board materials:

RO4003C, RO4350B, RO4360, RO4533, RO4535, RO4730, RO4232, RO4233, RO3003, RO3006, RO3010, RO3035, RO3203, RO3206, RO3210, RO3730, RO5780, RO5880, RO3202, RO6006

Ii. The material models of Taikangnique TACONIC are as follows:

T.t.5a, T.T.5, T.T.3, HT1.5, TLX-0, TLX-9, TLX-8, TLX-7, TLX-6, TLC-27, TLE-95, RF-35, RF-35A, RF-35P, RF-41, RF-43, RF-45, RF-60A, CER-10

Iii. ARLON HIGH-FREQUENCY PCB materials are as follows:

AD255C03099, AD255C06099, AD255C04099, AD300C03099, AD300C04099, AD300C06009, TC600, AD250C02055C, TC350, MCG300CG, DCL220, CUCLAD, 217LX, CUCLAD 250GX, ARLON 55NT

Iv. Wailing and Taixing HIGH-FREQUENCY PCB materials are as follows:

F4BK225, F4BK265, F4BK300, F4BK350, F4BM220 F4BM255 F4BM265 F4BM300 F4BM350

High Frequency PCB ManufacturerHigh frequency PCB Manufacturing

How to select high-frequency, high-speed PCB Material?

Choosing PCB boards must strike a balance between meeting design requirements, mass production, and cost. Simply put, design requirements include both electrical and structural reliability. This board problem is often more important when designing very high-speed PCB boards (greater than GHz). For example, the commonly used FR-4 material, the dielectric loss Df (Dielectricloss) at a few GHz frequencies, will be massive, may not be applicable.

In the actual engineering operation, the selection of high-frequency plates seems simple, but there are still many factors to consider. Through the introduction of this article, as a PCB design engineer or a high-speed project leader, you have a certain understanding of the characteristics and choice of plates. . Understand the electrical properties, thermal performance, reliability, etc. of the sheet. And rational use of the cascading, design a product with high reliability and reasonable processing, and the consideration of various factors are optimized.

The primary considerations for choosing the right board are as follows:

1. manufacturability

For example, how many press-fitting properties, temperature performance, etc., CAF/heat resistance and mechanical toughness (stickiness) (good reliability), fire rating;

2. Various properties matching the product (electricity, performance stability, etc.)

Low loss, stable Dk/Df parameters, low dispersion, small variation coefficient with frequency and environment, small tolerance of material thickness and glue content (reasonable impedance control), if the trace is long, consider low roughness copper foil. Besides, the high-speed circuit needs to be simulated in the early stage of design, and the simulation result is the reference standard of the design. "Xingsen Technology-Agilent (High Speed/RF) Joint Lab" solves the performance problems of inconsistent simulation results and tests. It has done a lot of simulation and actual test closed-loop verification, and the simulation can be consistent with the precise measurement through unique methods.

3. The availability of materials on time

Many high-frequency board procurement cycles are very long, even 2-3 months; in addition to the conventional high-frequency board RO4350 in stock, many high-frequency boards need to be provided by customers. Therefore, high-frequency plates need to communicate with manufacturers in advance and prepare materials as soon as possible;

4. Cost factor Cost

Look at the price sensitivity of products, whether it is consumer products or applications in communications, medical, industrial, military;

5. Applicability of laws and regulations, etc.

To be integrated with environmental regulations in different countries to meet RoHS and halogen-free requirements.

Among the above factors, the running speed of high-speed digital circuits is the main factor for PCB selection. The higher the rate of the circuit, the smaller the selected PCBDf value should be. Medium and low loss circuit boards will be suitable for 10Gb/S digital circuits; shorter loss boards will be ideal for 25Gb/s digital circuits; ultra-low loss boards will accommodate faster high-speed digital circuits at 50Gb /s or higher.

Df of PCB Material:

Df is between 0.01 and 0.005 circuit boards suitable for upper limit 10Gb/S digital circuits;

Df is between 0.005 and 0.003 circuit boards suitable for upper limit 25Gb/S digital circuits;

Circuit boards with Df no more than 0.0015 are suitable for 50Gb/S or even higher speed digital circuits.

Why us?

01. We have maintained close and good cooperative relations with various high-frequency, high-speed material manufacturers, with sufficient inventory to ensure the quality of HF PCB from raw materials.

  • Various models and specifications are available in Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Nelco, Isola.
  • To provide high-quality materials for communication equipment suppliers to ensure the stability of the performance of communication equipment.

02. Mature technology of PCB manufacturing escorts the high-frequency PCB of communication equipment

  • Professional process and technical personnel for design planning, process planning, product inspection planning for communication HF circuit board to provide the best quality processing scheme.
  • Perfect quality control capability, 300 technical personnel engaged in more than 10 years, advanced high-frequency PCB testing equipment, rich experience in high-frequency board production.

03 superb technical ability, tailor-made exclusive technology for you

  • We can produce high-frequency hybrid circuit board (high-frequency material +FR4), 8mm super thick high-frequency PCB, copper base, ceramic base high-frequency circuit board, and so on.
  • We can provide all kinds of surface treatment technology, immersion gold, gold plating, immersion tin, immersion silver, silver plating, immersion gold, + OSP.

4. Advanced production equipment to ensure the processing accuracy of each communication PCB

  • Advanced plasma cleaning machine and laser exposure machine and other process equipment and testing equipment ensure the line and hole position's machining accuracy.
  • Ultra-thick, ultra-long circuit board processing equipment meets various specifications of high-frequency circuit board processing for the communication industry.

5. Excellent quality control system to ensure all performance indexes of communication PCB

  • All products leave the factory through the strict performance index test, such as hole copper test, impedance test, thermal stress test, weldability test, open short circuit test, etc.
  • ISO9001 and other international quality certification, in strict accordance with the international quality standards for quality activities.

06. Professional service team, quickly for your customized products to provide a satisfactory delivery time

  • The 24-hour online quotation service allows you to find a satisfactory price for your PCB at any time.
  • 24 hours express delivery channel, double-sided PCB support 24 hours fast delivery.

As The Best Multilayer Heavy Copper PCB + PCBA Manufacturer in China, We Are Your Best Choice.

Custom Quote Requipment

To ensure an accurate quote, be sure to include the following information for your project:

  1. Complete GERBER files including the BOM list
  2. Other file types (Altium, Protel, Or CAD)
  3. "Read Me" notes for additional fabrication information
  4. Quantities
  5. Turn time
  6. Panelization Requirements
  7. Materials Requirements
  8. Finish requirements

Inquiry Notes

As is known, PCB and PCBA is a customized product, so the details, please contact us and a quotation will be offered.
Please send us PCB files in gerber files, ".pcbdoc", ".lay", ".lay6" or ".brd", "CAM350 RS274X", "Protel 99SE", "P-CAD 2001 PCB", etc. For the PCBA quotation, the BOM list in the format of "xls" is also needed.

Your custom quote will be delivered in just 2-24 hours, depending on the design complexity.

We can support your research and development efforts and meet your fast life cycles. We have set a separate department where the exclusive production planner will follow your orders' production to meet the requirements of Rapid PCB Prototyping and Quick Turn PCB.

1) We do PCB from double side up to 30-layer Multilayer PCB, HDI jobs.
2) If you have repeat orders from other suppliers and transfer to JHYPCB, we can accept FREE OF TOOLING.
3) Except for excellent quality and professional service, we also pay every detail for our customers, for example, package to use Desiccant packs & moisture indicator in the vacuum-sealed pack to protect PCB.
4) Material: We have FR4 TG135/TG158/TG180 normal material in stock, also have FR1/ FR2/ FR3/ CEM1/ CEM3/ ROGERS/ ARLON/ ISOLA.
5) Rigid / flex/ flex-rigid PCBs with UL approved.
6) Flexible, quick feedback for customers always.
7) Quickly offer will be less than 2 hours. Some top urgent inquiries we can offer within 1hour.

We provide one-stop PCB/PCBA customization services. To meet all of customer's PCB/PCBA requirement is JingHongYi PCB service's goal.

1. To offer good quality PCB/PCBA to our customer, we will do many kind of testing to ensure quality before shipment
2. Outgoing test to check min PTH Cu thickness, Min surface Cu thickness, ENIG Au data,Ni data, Au layer adhesion testing, soldermask adhesion testing, silkscreen adhesion testing, Thermal stress testing, hardness testing, Twist testing, Bow testing
3. Microsection testing to check hole Cu thickness, Surface Copper thickness, Wrap copper thickness, Hole Wall Integrity, soldermask thickness and stack up.
4. E-test to check any open/short circuit.
5. Thermal Stress Test to avoid any Delamination, Measling and others.
6. Solderability of PTH to avoid any discolor, Wrinkles, Blisters, Measling, Blow-Hole, Solermask peel off, and soldermask filled in hole-wall incompletely.

Impedance testing, and so on...

As The Best PCB + PCBA Manufacturer, We Are Your Best Choice.

JingHongYi PCB (HK) Co., Limited - Quick Turn PCB Prototype and Tricky PCB Expert.

Professional and Quick Turn High-quality PCB Manufacturer in China.
Offers One-stop PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services, Including PCB Fabrication, Electronic Components Procurement, Stencil, and Assembly.

Jinghongyi PCB (HK) Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer of high-quality PCB. JHY PCB specializes in Quick Turn PCB prototypes, small-medium volume PCB. Established in 2011, located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, China, with more than 500 experienced employees, we're able to achieve a monthly output of 40000 square meters.

Quick Turn PCB Prototype and Tricky PCB Expert.

PCB Manufacturing Services

As one of the leading Printed Circuit Board manufacturers based in China, JHYPCB has been offering international companies of all sizes with high-quality PCB prototype to production services at a fair price for 8 years. To make professional and advanced circuit boards, we're committed to adhering to the strictest standards during the PCB manufacturing process, we're fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

- Save money&time! Achieve peace of mind!
- A professional and trustworthy PCB Prototype manufacturer.
- Fastest PCB Prototype.
- One-stop solution for various PCB& SMT Stencil.
- Low cost for simple PCB.
- Affordable price for high-tech PCB.
- Minimum orders 1pcs.
- 24-hour online customer service.
- Professional PCB engineer for one-to-one service.
- Shipment on time.
- Guarantee good service and quality from PCB quotation to delivery.

PCB Assembly Services

To deliver true value and convenience to our PCB fabrication clients, we expand our business to components sourcing and turnkey PCB assembly services ranging from the prototype, low-to-middle volume to high volume up to 1 million pcs. We can mount components on circuit boards using surface mount technology (SMT), through-hole technology (THT), and manual insertion:

- High-quality assembly services with short lead times
- No minimum order
- No additional charge for stencils
- Free DFM Check
- 100% AOI test and X-Ray test for BGAs package

- Function tests & IC programming based on custom requirements

All boards are produced according to IPC-6012 standards and inspected according to IPC-A-600 in the latest version. Our products are widely applied in communications, industrial control, power electronics, medical equipment, security electronics, consumer electronics, LED, etc. More than 90 percent of them were exported to Europe, North America, South America.

One-stop Service Include

PCB Prototype Quick Turn PCB Single-Sided PCB
Double-Sided PCB Multilayer PCB Rigid PCB
Flexible PCB Rigid-Flex PCB LED PCB
Aluminum PCB Metal Core PCB Thick Copper PCB
PCB Stencil Impedance Control PCB PCB Assembly
High-Frequency PCB Bluetooth Circuit Board Automotive PCB
USB Circuit Board Halogen-Free PCB Antenna PCB

PCB Factory and Workshop

Advanced Production Equipment, Skilled Technical Workers are the Guarantee of Product Quality.

We Guarantee to Provide Reliable Products Based on Advanced Manufacturing Testing Equipments, Well-known Raw Materials and Comprehensive Management Systems.

Advanced Production PCB Manufacturing Equipment and Workshop

PCB Factory and Workshop

PCB Assembly (PCBA) Equipment

PCBA Equipment


JHYPCB's Products are widely used in communication equipment, industrial control, automotive, medical equipment, security electronics, consumer electronics, aerospace and other high-tech fields. Over 80% of its products are sold in more than 40 countries and regions, including the United States, Europe and Asia (excluding China).


PCB Fabrication and Assembly Capability

At JHY PCB We Have One of The Best State-of-the-art Production Facility for PCB and PCB Prototype Fabrication in the World Which is Handled by the Best Professionals You Can Find Anywhere.

PCB Fabrication Handled By Professionals

We encourage electronic, computer and other related manufacturers to let our professionals handle all their PCB fabrication and PCB Prototype fabrication needs.
  • At JHY PCB we have one of the best state-of-the-art production facility for PCB and PCB Prototype Fabrication in the world which is handled by the best professionals you can find anywhere.
  • Our professionals bring in a lot of expertise, passion and technology into the design and assembly methods for circuit boards with high accuracy, speed and ease.
  • We encourage electronic, computer and other related manufacturers to let our professionals handle all their PCB fabrication and PCB Prototype fabrication needs.

What Our Clients Get from our PCB Prototype Fabrication

  1. Professional technology service
  2. Feasibility manufacturing suggestion
  3. Expedited Delivery
  4. Online Quote
  5. Low Prices
  6. One-stop purchase Solution

Lead Time - Quick Turn and Fast Delivery

Lead Time - Quick Turn and Fast Delivery

JHYPCB Manufacturing Capability
Item Manufacturing Capability
PCB Layers 1~30 Layer
Quality Grade IPC Class 2, IPC Class 3
Laminate FR-4, S1141, S1000-2, IT180A, Isola-FR408HR, FR406, Isola 370 HR, Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Halogen Free, etc.
Brand of Laminate Kingboard, ITEQ, Shengyi, Nanya, Isola, Rogers, etc.
Max Board Size 533.4 * 762 mm
Board Thickness 0.1~8.0mm
Board Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm / ±10%
Copper Thickness Outer layer:1/3oz~10oz, Inner layer:1/2oz~6oz
Min Mechanical Drilling Hole Size 6mil(0.15mm)
Min Laser Drilling Hole Size 3mil(0.075mm)
Min Line Width/Line Space 2/2mil(Outer layer:1/3oz,Inner layer:1/2oz)
Surface Finishes OSP, HASL, HASL Lead-Free (HASL LF), Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Plated Gold, Immersion Gold(ENIG), ENEPIG, Golden Finger+HASL, ENIG+OSP, ENIG+Golden Finger, OSP+Golden Finger, etc.
Solder Mask Colors Green, Red, White, Black, Blue,Yellow, Orange, Purple, Gray, Transparent .etc.
Matte: Green, Blue, Black, etc.
Silkscreen Colors Black, White, Yellow, etc.
Electrical Testing Fixture / Flying Probe
Other Testing AOI, X-Ray(AU&NI), Two-dimension Measurement, Hole Copper Instrument, Controlled Impedance Test(Coupon test&Third Party Report), Metalloscope, Peeling Strength Tester, Solderability Test, Logic Contamination Test
Special Capabilities Thick Copper, Thick Gold(5U"), Gold Finger, Blind and Buried Hole, Countersink Hole, Semi-hole, Peelable Mask, Carbon Ink, Counter sink hole, Plated board edge, Press fit hole, Control depth hole, VIA in PAD, Non-conductive resin plug hole, Plating plug hole, Coil PCB, Super Mini PCB, Peelable Mask, Carbon Ink, Controlled Impedance PCB, etc.

Why Choose us

As a High-end Circuit Board Manufacturer, JHYPCB Has the Ability to Provide a Variety of Tricky PCBs Manufacturing. Fast Delivery, Quality Assurance is Our Core, One-stop PCB Circuit Board Manufacturing and PCBA Assembly Services, To Save Time and Cost for Customers.

One-stop solution: PCB Prototype, PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly


UL, TS16949, ISO-9001, and RoHS Compliance.
UL, TS16949, ISO-9001, and RoHS Compliance.

Quality Assurance

Incoming Quality Control

We use international famous brand raw materials, establish incoming inspection specifications according to international standards and customer standards, continuously track and promote supplier quality improvement activities, and establish and maintain a good partnership with suppliers.

In-Process Quality Control

High-quality products are manufactured, not inspected. We have a standardized production process and detailed operation instructions for each method of the production line to ensure the correct implementation of the operating specifications and operation standards.

Final Quality Control

We strictly follow the international standards and customer standards to inspect and control the delivery quality, timely follow up the quality performance of the products after delivery, and take quick and effective improvement actions for the feedback of customer's abnormal condition.

One-step Service From PCB Manufacturing to PCB Assembly

One-step Service From PCB Manufacturing to PCB Assembly

Visit Factory and Exhibition

Visit Factory and Exhibition

Excellent Suppliers - SM ink, CCL, Chemical

Excellent Suppliers - SM ink, CCL, Chemical

8 Advantages

1. Diversified Production Capability

5G Mobile Communication. Taconic/Rogers/Arlon PCB. Heat sink PCB/AL PCB. Antenna PCB. PA PCB/Hybrid PCB. High Precision Multilayer / Impedance PCB. Half hole PCB/film cover PCB. Other special PCB. Normal FR-4 PCB.

2. High Cost Performance Ratio

Own PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly factory,We can provide the most cost-effective products.

3. Stable and Fast Delivery Performance

1L:12 hours
2L:12 hours
4L:12 hours
6L:12 hours

4. Personalized Service

Technical support engineers provide one-to-one service from product proofing to mass production to after-sales, realizing order online tracking and after-sales service.

5. Rapid Order Response

Quotation System: Quote within 24 Hours
Service System: Respond within 30 Minutes
EQ System: Nearly 30 technical support teams responded quickly within 24 hours
Language services: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese

6. Stable Quality

Excellent QA, production management system and technology team to assure quality.

7. Advanced Technology and Equipment

JHYPCB has a strong technical team and advanced PCB manufacturing equipment, which can provide excellent technical support and after-sales service in an all-round to provide customers with efficient manufacturing and reliable products.

8. Advanced Management System SQM

SQM regularly audits qualified raw material suppliers to promote continuous improvement and ensure quality.
CRM regularly collects customer needs and problems to better provide customers with quality solutions.
ERP can track the order status at any time through the production base ERP system.

Package and Shipping

Package and Shipping

JingHongYi PCB (HK)CO., Limited

As a high-end circuit board maanufacturer, JHYPCB has the ability to provide a variety of tricky PCBs manufacturing.

  • Specialized in high density, high difficult technology
  • 99%+ customer satisfaction rate
  • Diversify PCBs manufacturing
  • Competitive price & NO min order quantity required
  • No additional tooling charge for PCB reorders
  • Quality guaranteed services
  • Quick-turn around delivery time, 24 hours delivery available
  • Free DFM check by professional engineers
  • Knowledgeable support team available via phone and email
  • Function test based on customer's specific requirements
Contact us - PCB Manufacturer in China

Q1: What service do you have?
A: We are the factory, we have our PCB manufacturing & Assembly factory.
We can offer a one-stop service from PCB manufacturing to PCB assembling, testing, housing, and other value-added services.
Q2. What is needed for PCB or PCBA quotation?
A: PCB: Quantity, Gerber file and Technic requirements(material, surface finish treatment, copper thickness, board thickness,...)
PCBA: PCB information, BOM,Testing documents...)
Q3. What file formats do you accept for PCB and PCBA production?
A: Gerber file: CAM350 RS274X
PCB file: Protel 99SE, P-CAD 2001 PCB
BOM: Excel (PDF,word,txt)
Q4: What any other information should be offered except for the file?
A5: Following specifications are needed for the quotation:
a) Base material
b) Board thickness:
c) Copper thickness
d) Surface treatment:
e) color of solder mask and silkscreen
f) Quantity
Q5: What is your minimum order quantity?
A: Our MOQ is 1 PCS.
Q6. Shipping cost?
A: The shipping cost is determined by the destination, weight, packing size of the goods. Please let us know if you need us to quote you the shipping cost.
Q7: Are my PCB files safe when I submit them to you for manufacturing?
A: We respect customer's copyright and will never manufacture PCB for someone else with your files unless we receive written. Permission from you, nor we'll share these files with any other 3rd parties.
Q8: No PCB file/Gbr file, only have the PCB sample, can you produce it for me?
A: Yes, we could help you to clone the PCB. Just send the sample PCB to us, we could clone the PCB design and work out it.
Q9: What payment do you accept?
A:-Wire Transfer(T/T)
-Western Union
-Letter of Credit(L/C)
-Ali Pay
-Credit Card
We recommend bank transfer.
Q10: How to get the PCBs?
A: For small packages, we will ship the boards to you by DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS. Door to door service! You will get your PCBs at your home.
For bulky goods more than 300kg, we may ship your PC boards by ship or by air to save freight costs. Of course, if you have your forwarder, we may contact them for dealing with your shipment.
Q11. How about the delivery?
Usually, for sample order, our delivery is about five days. For small-batch, our delivery is about seven days.
For the mass production batch, our delivery is about ten days.
But that depends on the real condition when we get your order.
If your order is urgent, please contact us directly, we will make a priority to deal with it and do our best to give you a satisfied delivery time.
Q12: How about your factory production capacity?
A: we can provide 40000 square meter/month.
Q13: Which countries have you worked with?
A: US, Canada, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Japan, Spain, Portugal, France, Britain, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and so on.
Q14: How do you ensure the final quality of the product
For PCB, we will use the Flying Probe Test, E-test, etc. for it.
For PCBA, we need you to offer us a method or test fixture for the function test. Before that, our inspectors will use a microscope and X-ray to check the IC foot welding or bad solder, etc.
Q15: Will you check my files before production?
A: Yes, our engineer will check your Gerber file and BOM list to avoid any mistake.
Q16: My budget is limited; can you provide solutions to save cost?
A: Yes, we can. For example, for PCBA: Replace the DIP components with SMD components, so it can narrow the PCB board size to save cost. Re-layout the PCB to reduce the size, it can save cost. Also, we can recommend alternative components.
Q17: Do you accept process materials supplied by clients?
A: Yes, we can provide the component source, and we also accept component from the client.
Q18: Can we visit your company?
No problem. You are welcome to visit us in Shenzhen.

Produktgruppe : High Frequency PCB

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